James Hardman

James Hardman has 18 years experience working in humanitarian responses, building disaster risk management capacity, and providing project design and M&E services in Asia, the Pacific, Africa and Central America. He has conducted disaster needs assessments (eg Rwandan refugees, Hurricane Mitch in Honduras, East Timor 2006) and had significant experience developing and implementing emergency response and early recovery programs (eg Iraq 1992, DRC 1995, Rwanda 1996, Bosnia 1996, Honduras 1998, Sri Lanka 2005, East Timor 2006). James has conducted a number of reviews and evaluations of humanitarian and DRR projects in Asia, Africa and Central America (recent examples include an IDP emergency WASH project in East Timor and a CBDRM project in East Timor). In addition to significant field experience managing emergency responses, James has 7 years experience as an Emergencies Coordinator in the Oxfam Australia Head Office, with the primary role of coordinating responses, including joint Oxfam International disaster responses.



James' Recent Work and Availability

  • BESIK: James was the Operations Manager for theDFAT East Timor Rural Water and Sanitation Program (BESIK). For more information about the BESIK Program, click here: more
  • UNDP: Manager, Disaster Risk Management Program. more