Claire Rowland

Claire has nine years experience in the international development sector. With a post-graduate qualification in Social Science (International Development) from RMIT, Claire has a broad range of gender analysis and programming skills and experience in economic development and rural livelihoods, governance, leadership, safety and security, and women’s empowerment programs. Claire has specialist expertise in qualitative research, monitoring and evaluation of gender programs, and NGO capacity building, particularly in relation to WASH and livelihoods/ economic development programs.


Claire has a detailed knowledge of DFAT's (formerly AusAID's) gender policy and strategy, and has contributed to DFAT's 4 Gender Equality Pillars through programming, capacity building and advisory services as a Overseas Program Manager in IWDA.


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Claire Rowland


In the last 3 years, as an FH Designs consultant, Claire has also provided gender advisory and evaluation services to the sector. Indicative activities include: designing a gender equality monitoring tool for Plan International Vietnam's WASH program (2011); evaluating IWDA's 'Taking Steps' economic development and women's leadership Program in East Timor.


In the last 4 years, Claire has provided her expertise to 2 large multi-year ADRA funded participatory research projects: One focusing on gender equality within WASH programs - 'How do we better address gender in water and sanitation initiatives'(2009-2010); The other on gendered monitoring tools for economic development activities in semi subsistent communities - 'Measuring gender equality outcomes of economic growth in the Pacific: working with communities to develop indicators that monitor change' (2010-2012).


Outputs of the gender in WASH research have been widely distributed and used within the sector, with the resource guide (including posters, flash cards and guidebook) being adopted by agencies keen to develop culturally appropriate and practical entry points to addressing gender within their WASH programs. The second research project is yet to be completed, but the final output of a manual of indicators and monitoring tools for gender equality in semi-subsistent communities, is widely anticipated.


Claire lived in Timor Leste for 3 years, working on a $14 million bi-lateral aid program, and has also provided consulting, program and partnership management services in Australia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Vietnam. She has strong people skills and is skilled at using participatory approaches to facilitate learning and engagement, in both rural and urban settings.


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