• Avani
    Latrine in Avani (Henganofi District, Eastern Highlands)
  • Handwashing
    Handwashing facilities, Avani, (Henganofi District, Eastern Highlands)
  • Latrine
    in Gevera village (Rigu District, Central Province)
  • Rainwater Tank
    Rainwater harvesting in Kokorogoro village (Rigu District, Central Province)
  • Community Mapping
    in Vegos village ((Henganofi District, Eastern Highlands)

Water & Sanitation Program (World Bank) - PNG WASH Sustainability Study


Following the drafting of the WASH Policy for PNG and submission to Parliament for approval in July 2014, WSP contracted FH Designs to conduct a study of WASH sustainability in Papua New Guinea (the policy was approved in January 2015). The purpose of the study was to inform and guide the proposed National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Authority, and was designed to complement and build on both a scoping study and a Service Delivery Assessment of the WASH sector conducted by WSP in 2011/12.


The study was focussed at the community level and collected qualitative and quantitative data from 21 communities in four provinces. It took a strengths-based approach by focussing (for water) on communities where water supplies were largely still functioning four or more years after the WASH intervention, and (for sanitation) where latrine use was still mostly occuring.




WASH Sustainability Study

The PNG WASH Sustainability Study was fully managed and implemented by the FH Designs team, led by Keryn Clark. Paul Tyndale-Biscoe was the WASH Specialist, providing technical input to the development of the methodology, field work and subsequent analysis. Matt Bond provided high level guidance to the development of the methodology, analysis and write-up. Naomi Francis and Gail Pigalo conducted all the field work, including piloting of the methodology and tools. David Shaw from WaterAid Australia provided valuable assistance during the development of the methodology and piloting.


The report of the study findings, description of methodology and analysis will be available for download here soon.