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    October 15 is Global Handwashing Day (

The DFAT (formerly AusAID) Civil Society WASH Program

The Civil Society WASH Program is an AUD97 million fund for Australian and overseas CSOs to implement sustainable WASH projects in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. It follows the successful completion of the first phase in December 2012, and will run from July 2013 for four years. The fund aims to raise the bar in terms of sustainability of WASH, and has a strong focus on strengthening the enabling environment, gender and social inclusion, and a stronger emphasis on sanitation and hygiene. It supports innovation and information and knowledge sharing through a separate innovation and impact grant, learning events and support to international forums such as the WASH 2014 conference in Brisbane.


The fund is managed by GRM, and supported by a 3 person monitoring, evaluation and review panel (MERP).


(click here to visit DFAT's web page for the CS WASH Fund)

Involvement of FH Designs consultants in the CS WASH Fund

FH Designs provided Paul Tyndale-Biscoe as the WASH specialist on the design team for the Civil Society WASH Fund.

Paul is also the WASH Specialist on the MERP.

Michelle Whalen was the M&E Specialist on the design team for the fund.