• Handwashing with Soap or Ash
    October 15 is Global Handwashing Day (www.globalhandwashingday.org)
  • East Timor's first rope pump
    Installed near Dili as part of the SERC Project
  • Chichocane Community Handpump
    Handpump installation, Chicomo Project, Inhamhane, Mozambique (CAA)
  • Football stadium and field
    Construction of a spectator stand (SERC Project, Dili, East Timor)
  • School children collecting water
    Water point installed by Plan in Kisarawe, Tanzania
  • Public Toilet Block, Dili, East Timor
    Public toilets built at a bus station in Dili as part of the SERC Project
  • Sanitation Marketing
    Local solution to latrine slab construction, Oromia, Ethiopia
  • Water Storage Tank
    Constructed as part of the AusAID CWSSP Project, Bobonaro, East Timor
  • Women operating Handpump
    India Mk III Handpump installation, Oromia, Ethiopia
  • Preschool Rehabilitation, Dili, East Timor
    A Preschool in Dili rebuilt as part of the SERC Project.
  • Post conflict environment
    Children playing on burnt-out tank, Tigray, Ethiopia
  • Chongole Community Handpump
    Handpump installation, Chicomo Project, Inhamhane, Mozambique (CAA)
  • School Visit
    Plan staff and consultants visiting rehabilitated school, Kisarawe, Tanzania
  • East Timor's first rope pump
    Installed near Dili as part of the SERC Project
  • Children against open defecation
    Anti OD slogans - Oromia, Ethiopia
  • Surveying training
    Provided as part of the AusAID CWSSP, Bobonaro, East Timor
  • Handpump Installation
    Local woman collecting water, Kisarawe, Tanzania

FH Designs is an Australian based development consultancy with expertise in the management, monitoring, design and evaluation of development programs. We have a breadth of experience which encompasses Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Gender and Social Inclusion (GeSI), Citizen's Voice, Water Resource Management, HIV/AIDs, Energy and Infrastructure. We have extensive experience in the design and delivery of training programs, development of training materials and resources and facilitation, as well as conducting research studies.


We invite development programs, organisations and donors to contact us for short and long term consultancies in these areas. If we do not have people with the appropriate skills and experience you require available directly through FHDesigns, we are usually able to help source suitable people through our networks.


Recent Contracts

  • Plan Netherlands: Contributed to the evaluation of Plan Netherlands' Pan-Africa CLTS program. download final report
  • Oxfam Australia, New Zealand and PNG: Evaluation of Oxfam PNG's WASH programs funded by DFAT and MFAT.
  • Evaluation of World Vision's West Africa Citizen's Voice Program: Evaluation of the West Africa Citizen's Voice and Action Program in Senegal, Ghana and Sierra Leone.
  • DFAT Timor-Leste: Design mission to Timor-Leste to lead design of next phase of the Roads for Development Program.
  • Oxfam Novib: Led the development of a proposal for SIDA for Inclusive Water Governance in selected river basins in Asia.
  • Water and Sanitation Program (World Bank): Conducted a study of WASH sustainability in Papua New Guinea. more
  • Australian Red Cross / CVTL: Look-back study of CVTL's WASH interventions in Timor Leste
  • World Vision: Evaluations of World Vision's Program's in Timor-Leste, Swaziland and Mozambique
  • World Vision: Baseline studies for World Vision's WASH projects in Zimbabwe and PNG
  • DFAT: Provision of WASH specialist for the MRG for the Timor-Leste BESIK Program more
  • Plan International Australia: Managed a research project examining the primary factors affecting ODF sustainability in Africa. more
  • DFAT: Civil Society WASH Fund - various roles. more